Lets Talk Skelmersdale • A great place to do business
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Green Growth, New Horizons

Skelmersdale is well connected in the North West of England. Liverpool, Preston and Manchester are all within easy reach.

The roads have been designed to drive around efficiently. This gives quick access to the motorway network for rapid movement of goods and people.


Skelmersdale is home to big businesses and smaller innovative companies. In these, they celebrate the spirit of enterprise and a strong work ethic. Education establishments are thriving in West Lancashire, with Edge Hill University and West Lancashire College providing the workforce and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


As well as its fabulous location the area is beautifully rural. Large areas of open space and areas of natural beauty are on the doorstep. With Tawd Valley and Beacon Country Park nearby it is a great place to live.

Even maintaining this beauty, Skelmersdale has room to grow and increase its contribution to the Northern Powerhouse. As well as offering improving facilities for those choosing to grow their lives here.


Skelmersdale’s land, location and links mean it has lots to gain in the future, and also lots to offer. Will you join us on the journey?


Skelmersdale - Where countryside meets urban green space.


Skelmerdale has the physical network and the relationships to determine success.


Skelmersdale shouts out about our stand up companies & working heroes.



Skelmersdale was first mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 and it has grown to being a town of around 40,000 people today. It sits on high ground above the River Tawd within the beautiful countryside of West Lancashire and is the dominant urban centre for miles around.

Skelmersdale Businesses

These are just some of the wonderful businesses that call Skelmersdale home.