Ambassadors • let's talk Skelmersdale
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Skelmersdale is everyone's business

Ambassadors bring together the knowledge, networks, passion and determination of local businesses, organisations and individuals as a powerful force, helping Skelmersdale compete, attracting investment, business and visitors to create a more sucessful economy – that’s something everyone can benefit from.


They will be positive and proactive advocates for the town and area, nationally and internationally. They recognise they can influence the economy and enjoy greater success themselves in championing the place professionally, publicly and with pride.


They have the power to influence how it is marketed, portrayed in the media, and to make sure it gets known and thought about by the people that matter.

Skelmersdale Ambassadors are:

  • A powerful alliance
  • Influential
  • Committed to the local area
  • Able to drive change
  • Proactive¬†in promoting the place
  • Place leaders