Ambassadors • let's talk Skelmersdale
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Skelmersdale is everyone's business

Ambassadors bring together the knowledge, networks, passion and determination of local businesses, organisations and individuals as a powerful force, helping Skelmersdale compete, attracting investment, business and visitors to create a more sucessful economy – that’s something everyone can benefit from.


The role of an Ambassador:

  • Are passionate about the place
  • Are positive and proactive advocate for the town and area
  • Support Ambassadors events
  • Share good news stories
  • Make new connections and collaborate with fellow Ambassadors


By becoming an Ambassador you will invest and contribute towards a more successful economy that everyone can benefit from.

Skelmersdale Ambassadors are:

  • A powerful alliance
  • Influential
  • Committed to the local area
  • Able to drive change
  • Proactive in promoting the place
  • Place leaders

As an Ambassador, you will benefit from the following:


High level networking and collaboration

  • Become part of & have access to a powerful network of influencers and decision makers through regular meetings and events
  • Hear about new developments & opportunities first from those in the know. Speakers include key players leading the area’s major developments to senior figures across the region & UK
  • Receive invitations to special seminars in relation to key business issues, legislation changes, etc.
  • Opportunities to bring colleagues & guests to Ambassador meetings and events
  • Create business links and build sales and supply chain relationships
  • Obtain contact details and connect with other Skelmersdale Ambassadors


Raise your organisations profile

  • Access low cost opportunities to advertise your business
  • Circulation of business news stories via regular communications, dedicated website and events
  • Local, targeted opportunities to enhance recruitment and attract talent to your organisation
  • Invitations to careers fairs at local educational establishments
  • Link with community and volunteering organisations to enhance your organisation’s CSR aspirations


Access marketing materials

  • Access to marketing materials to help support your organisation and promote Skelmersdale, including the Skelmersdale storybook, as well as a bank of high quality place photography based on the story
  • A comprehensive design toolkit including graphic files and fonts that will help you/your marketing teams to incorporate the visual Place brand in your corporate materials and reduce design cost. Designed to work with and complement – not replace – your own brand

Calendar of Events 2020

Dates for your

diary 2020

Wednesday 26th  Feb 20 Business Breakfast Event
Wednesday 27th May 20 Business Breakfast Event
Wednesday 23rd Sep 20 Business Breakfast Event
Wednesday 25th November 20 Evening Event

Skelmersdale Ambassadors Membership Fees

Number of employees (equivalent to full-time)

Ambassador fee per annum

Number of attendees per Ambassador event*













*Additional attendees welcome at an additional cost per person