Skelmersdale Place Board • let's talk Skelmersdale
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Skelmersdale Place Board

The Skelmersdale Place Board is made up from key Skelmersdale Leaders, from business and public sector organisations, who provide a strategic view, approach and leadership for the promotion and development of Skelmersdale.


  • Direct and oversee delivery of the Place Plan
  • Consider strategies and projects to see if they should form part of the Plan
  • Are champions for the Skelmersdale brand narrative and approach:
  • Oversee the Ambassadors programme;
  • Provide support and advice for the local authority acting as a ‘sounding board’ on key place issues.

Place Board Members

Round Profile Photos14

Mark Whitworth

Chair of Skelmersdale Place Board
Round Profile Photos15

Lindsey Rushton

Co-operative Bank
Paula Gamester

Paula Gamester

The Sewing Rooms

Steve Jones

Denise Profile

Denise Williamson

West Lancashire College

Mark Timmerman

Mellors Catering Services Ltd

Kim Webber

West Lancashire Borough Council
Mark Allanson

Mark Allanson

Edge Hill University