Productivity & Innovation Centre • let's talk Skelmersdale
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Productivity & Innovation Centre

Productivity & Innovation Centre

Could your business be making better use of data to drive growth and innovation?

The Productivity & Innovation Centre supports businesses to significantly improve their innovation practices and their effectiveness at commercialising their ‘innovation assets’. We do this primarily by turning data and customer insights in actionable knowledge.

Businesses can engage on practical programmes of intensive workshops, with accompanying support from our innovation experts, to achieve two outcomes:

  • To adopt and embed highly effective rapid innovation processes in their business; using strong evidence bases to analyse and verify decision making on the commercial case, technological feasibility, and organisational readiness to deliver an innovation.
  • To drive growth through the re-positioning or release of new product, service or process innovations.

The underpinning theme of the Centre is in supporting businesses to engage in data driven innovation. Data becomes most valuable to a business when it is transformed into ‘actionable knowledge’, providing insights to be used for strategic and operational decision-making.

To be eligible, your business must:

  • Be based in Lancashire
  • Operate business-to-business

For further information, contact West Lancashire Borough Council’s Economic Regeneration team on 01695 712692 or email: