Let's talk Business Newsletters • let's talk Skelmersdale
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Let’s talk Business Newsletters

Issue 24

Skelmersdale Ambassadors welcome Lord John Prescott

Issue 22

Let's talk about the West Lancashire Local Plan, being More Positive Together, the Lancashire Skills Pledge & Small Business Saturday

Issue 23

Read how the new Chair of the Skelmersdale Place Board, Mark Withworth (CEO of Peel Ports) is driving Skelmersdale forward.

Issue 21

Let's talk about boosting your business with growth vouchers, the new commercial development of Skelmersdale and the Skelmersdale Ambassadors Network

Spring 2018

Let's talk about food growers and producers, GDPR for your business and productivity & innovation centre

Winter 2017/18

Let's talk about social entrepreneurs, Skelmersdale's new business website and the Enterprise Adviser Network

Autumn 2017

Let's talk about why Ormskirk is good for business, the Skelmersdale Ambassadors Network and the Lancashire Manufacturing Growth Fund

Summer 2017

Let's talk about accessing skills for your workforce and case studies on Trak Rap's apprentice and Stonbury Ltd investing in West Lancashire