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Growing and Green

Skelmersdale is a great place to live, where countryside meets urban green space., the quality of life is second to none. Surrounding Skelmersdale is a glorious selection of picturesque villages, and West Lancashire boasts some of the region’s most beautiful countryside.



Tawd Valley

A hidden jewel in the heart of Skelmersdale, surrounding the River Tawd as it meanders its way from Yewdale across Skelmersdale through to Cobbs Clough Brow.

This large country park and a haven for wildlife. You’ll often see birds of prey soaring above the meadows, with Kingfishers, Dippers and Wagtails patrolling the river banks.

Walking around the site you can find the ruins of an old mill, millponds and capped mineshafts, providing echoes of the industrial age.

Fairy Glen

Nestled on the side of Parbold Hill Fairy Glen has a tranquil, secluded atmosphere. Designated as a Biological Heritage Site for its oak, birch, ash and alder, the site boasts a rich and mature woodland biodiversity. There is a wide variety of flora growing there.

Beacon Country Park

Boasting flowing wildflower meadows, grassland, natural ponds and areas of semi-natural woodland. With majestic panoramic views across most of Lancashire and viewpoints overlooking the Lancashire Plain and the Pennine Hills.

Dean Wood

One of West Lancashire's most beautiful wildlife sites. Spring sees swathes of bluebells, wild garlic and lesser celandine provide bright carpets of colour

Nearby Attractions

West Lancashire has a lot to offer. Enjoy downtime with all this on Skelmersdale’s doorstep.

West Lancashire has a lot to offer. Enjoy downtime with all this on Skelmersdale’s doorstep. Discover more at