120 new homes in Whalleys South • let's talk Skelmersdale
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120 new homes in Whalleys South

120 new homes in Whalleys South

Seddon Construction has begun construction work in Whalleys South, Skelmersdale to build 120 homes over the next two years.

The home will be built conjunction with Trafford Housing Trust (THT) and London and Quadrant (L&Q). The homes will be a mixture of two, three and four bedrooms.

At the end of the first phase, 64 homes will be available on the open market. Another 34 homes will be available for shared ownership and the remaining 24 available for affordable rent.

The first set of houses are expected to be ready for handover in April 2020 with the whole scheme predicted to be completed for November 2021.

Plan for homes at Whalleys South
``Considerable effort was put into the tender to ensure this strategic land drives regeneration, provides excellent homes, and helps people get a foot on the housing ladder – and now the hard work begins.
Whalleys South is a key project in our development plan which will see 20,000 new homes built over the next 10 years by THT and our partner L&Q. Like the rest of the North West, Skelmersdale urgently needs great quality housing and we are determined to do our bit to ease and hopefully eradicate the housing crisis while helping communities thrive and councils achieve their economic success``
Graeme Scott, Development Director, Trafford Housing Trust

The land for the development has been made available by Homes England as a result of a competitive tender.
Subject to planning consent, there may be a second and third phase which will feature a total of 179 homes.