A morning with Lord John Prescott • let's talk Skelmersdale
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A morning with Lord John Prescott

A morning with Lord John Prescott

The Skelmersdale Ambassadors recently hosted a high profile breakfast event held at West Lancashire College, where Lord John Prescott was invited as a special guest speaker.

Lord Prescott gave a fantastic and inspirational speech and spoke highly of Skelmersdale and its potential.  Many of the points the former Deputy Prime Minister talked about were relevant to what’s happening in Skelmersdale, and his passion and vision for the town clearly shone through in his articulate and animated manner.

It was clear from his positive messages that the importance of business collaboration, low carbon economy, connectivity, skills and the community, are key to the success and growth to Skelmersdale’s future.  He concluded his presentation by saying he was leaving Skelmersdale as an ‘Adopted Ambassador’.

Mark Whitworth, CEO of Peel Ports and Chair of the Skelmersdale Place Board, told the Ambassadors:

“I am delighted that Lord Prescott attended our recent Ambassadors event. John is tireless in his determination to see Northern towns like Skelmersdale reach their potential and through his vast experience and knowledge he provided the audience with an interesting insight as to how this could be realised. As Chair of the Skelmersdale Place Board I am fully committed to ensuring that those who invest in becoming an Ambassador will see a return on their investment and I am committed to ensuring that as Ambassadors we come together with one message, one voice to collectively make a difference.”

Skelmersdale Ambassadors brings together businesses who have an interest or investment in the local area and are advocates in promoting Skelmersdale as a great place for business, as well as contributing to improving the local economy.

``Business can be the force for making change, I wish Skelmersdale well. It is a beautiful place.`` - Lord John Prescott