Delph Side School are Making a Difference • let's talk Skelmersdale
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Delph Side School are Making a Difference

Delph Side School are Making a Difference

In a follow up to our story in June, Delph Side Community Primary School came away from Pearson National Teaching Awards with Gold for Primary School of the Year.

Just thirteen Gold Award winners were chosen out of thousands of nominations and recognised at the prestigious awards ceremony, which marked its 21st year of celebrating excellence in education.

90% of teachers in the UK were inspired to join the profession by their own teachers or the prospect of making a difference

The annual ‘Classroom Heroes’; will be broadcast on BBC Two on Saturday 26th October at 17:30. Starring hosts Sean Fletcher, from Good Morning Britain and Countryfile, and Tina Daheley, from the Radio 2 Breakfast Show and Newsbeat.

“We are proud to sponsor these Awards each year and to be triumphant among the thousands of nominations is an incredible achievement and demonstrates the extraordinary dedication that each and every one of our winners puts in on a daily basis. Our teachers are special in so many ways, and that’s why recognising their hard work and celebrating their successes every year as part of these awards is so important.”
Rod Bristow, President of Pearson UK