Delph Side School Scoops Silver • let's talk Skelmersdale
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Delph Side School Scoops Silver

Delph Side School Scoops Silver

Delph Side Community Primary School struck silver in the Pearson National Teaching Awards for Primary School of the Year.

“recognising and celebrating teachers for the lasting impact they have on young people’s lives is crucial” said Rod Bristow president of Pearson UK

This means Delph Side Community Primary are invited to the House of Commons for a celebration on 11th July. They then head to the annual ‘Classroom Heroes’ ceremony in October; which is broadcast on the BBC to celebrate the brilliant teaching profession.

In an incredibly emotional day the school celebrated with a surprise party. Delicious food was provided by Skelmersdale Ambassador Mellors. There was also inflatable slides and assault course, hook a duck, circus skills school, dancing on the playground and a mobile zoo too.

“So often and for so many of us, it is a teacher who changed our lives, was at our side through hard and difficult times, who lifted us up when we were down, helped us find our voice, gave us confidence when we needed it most, set us on a path that we have followed ever since.”
Michael Morpurgo, author & president of the Teaching Awards Trust

This achievement is a wonderful celebration of our community schools.

Well done Delph Side Community Primary School!