TrakRap's Silver Star for Innovation • let's talk Skelmersdale
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TrakRap’s Silver Star for Innovation

TrakRap employees at work

TrakRap’s Silver Star for Innovation

Skelmersdale’s sustainable packaging specialist TrakRap was awarded a Silver Star for Engineering Innovation at the Starpack industry awards.

Recognised for their sustainable stretch wrapping system which produces an entirely recyclable secondary packaging for food and drink. It enables manufacturers supplying UK retailers and supermarkets to reduce their carbon footprint whilst ensuring their products arrive in the best condition for sale.

Starpack judges praised the system’s ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage by as much as 90 per cent and materials usage by as much as 70 per cent. This makes the system really environmentally friendly.

“Winning any award is special but we’re over the moon to have received an Engineering Innovation award from Starpack, which is among the most respected institutions in the packaging industry...
Creating packaging solutions that have a lower impact on the environment is what drives us, so we’re especially pleased that the award recognises the low carbon benefits the TrakRap system delivers and further enhances our reputation as a leader in the field of sustainable secondary packaging in the UK.”
Martin Leeming, CEO of TrakRap

Aside from the environmental benefit Starpack were also impressed by the systems efficient operating speeds, which enable wrapping up to 50 packs per minute.

What a great company to do business with! Skelmersdale is proud of Trak Rap’s success.