CoreRFID's New Investor • let's talk Skelmersdale
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CoreRFID’s New Investor

CoreRFID’s New Investor

Swiss firm Spanset, which specialises in lifting and height safety products has bought a 33 per cent stake in CoreRFID.

Skelmersdale based firm CoreRFID created CheckedOK, helps companies to comply with the rules on safety and maintenance inspections using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.

Used to identify cranes, forklifts and other equipment in need of regular inspections, the software helps to ensure these are carried out and keeps track of the results. Aa market leader in the UK and Ireland CheckedOK was adopted by SpanSet several years ago and incorporated into its range.

“Working with Core, an established provider of RFID and asset management software, proved to be very positive.
As we progressed it became evident that our services committed SpanSet quite closely to CoreRFID and its technology. We also realised that our perspective from the end-users of lifting and height safety products meant that we were able to help Core develop its offer further.
To secure such a positive partnership it seemed like an obvious step to invest in the company. The collaboration will assist Core’s international expansion through the world-wide SpanSet Group.”
Peter Ward, SpanSet MD

Munzi Ali, managing director of CoreRFID, said: “SpanSet has been a customer for many years. Meanwhile CoreRFID has set its sights on international opportunities, having dominated the UK and Ireland market for years.

With SpanSet’s global presence and CoreRFID’s market leading technical solution, this partnership makes complete sense. Both companies will now work together to make the CheckedOK system a global brand.”

There’s a bright future ahead!