Skelmersdale welcomes Lord John Prescott • let's talk Skelmersdale
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Skelmersdale welcomes Lord John Prescott

Skelmersdale welcomes Lord John Prescott

The Skelmersdale Ambassadors are privileged to announce that Lord John Prescott will be speaking at a special Business Breakfast event to be held on the 15th May.

Lord Prescott, in addition to his role as former Deputy Prime Minister, previously held several senior positions in Transport, Energy and Employment. John is tireless in his determination to see Northern towns like Skelmersdale fulfil their potential and through his vast experience will provide an interesting insight at the event as to how this could be realised.

“I am delighted to welcome Lord John Prescott to our event on the 15th May. John will provide a wealth of knowledge on the subject of regional development, driving economic growth and the importance of public transport. With the new town centre regeneration project providing a refreshed impetus, Skelmersdale is on the cusp of several new development opportunities. Strategically it is well positioned to capitalise on its proximity to one of the UK’s largest Ports and two of the North’s most vibrant cities, Skelmersdale is a great place for business”.
Mark Whitworth, CEO of Peel Ports & Chair of the Skelmersdale Place Board

Since taking on the role as Chair of the Skelmersdale Place Board in January, Mark Whitworth is enthused by the commitment of businesses who have already invested as members of the Skelmersdale Ambassadors and committed to invest in the future of the town. At the previous event held in February Mark pledged his personal commitment to deliver meaningful value to our Ambassadors and was keen to welcome new businesses who wish to consider becoming an Ambassador to be a part of Skelmersdale’s exciting future.

The Skelmersdale Ambassadors provide an opportunity for every organisation, whatever its size, to get involved. If your business would like to be a part of this influential group, which is committed to the area and has the know how to drive change find out more here.

Find out about the May event