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Love Skelmersdale

Love Skelmersdale

Independent film-maker Ian Gamester, is putting together a love letter to Skelmersdale, inspired by popular Cities of Love films set in famous cities around the world.

‘Skem, I Love You’ will comprise of 10 “love stories”, and aims to be the World’s first Social Enterprise feature film.

Ian has shot over 100 music videos working in New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Bangkok, and Paris, and currently lectures BA film students at Liverpool Media Academy.

Three of the stories have already been filmed, which feature:

Ian has expressed how humbled he is to work with such inspiring groups, and with people devoted to making a real difference in the community and is looking for further support to finish the project.

Skem, I Love You - Junk Food Cafe

Featured in the film is the Junk Food Cafe. This fabulous project takes food donations and feeds the community at a pop up cafe. People are able to “pay what they feel” and take home a bag of shopping too.

``Skem is every town that's not really paid attention to. It has a lot to be proud about, and it took me leaving Skem to look at it with fresh eyes. It's like a housing estate in a nature reserve. The environment is incredible, with a beautiful river running through it. It's a cinematic place.
We're telling real and powerful stories that reflect experiences that are not represented on screen. The stories of people trying to make a change for good and a community coming together in love and positivity.``
Ian Gamester, Film Maker

‘Skem, I Love You’ is a collaboration of like minded people that’s really starting to gather a momentum. If you’d like to be a part of this positive project you can assist the crowd funding page on Just Giving.

With any profits will be re-invested to support Skelmersdale residents to fund creative projects its a great initiative to get involved in.