New Medical School to open at Edge Hill University • let's talk Skelmersdale
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New Medical School to open at Edge Hill University

New Medical School to open at Edge Hill University

Edge Hill University will offer an Access to Medicine course from 2019 and train doctors from 2020 as part of a new medical school. The new facility will open within the Faculty of Health and Social Care, which is already one of the largest providers of health and social care education in the North West.

The new Medical School is one of only three new free-standing medical schools in the country and the only one in the North West, the undergraduate programme complementing the University’s well-established postgraduate medical degrees.

The expansion opens the door for many more students to gain high-quality medical education and training. Undergraduate medical courses are currently heavily oversubscribed and this will open up new opportunities for many aspiring doctors and medical professionals.

“For the past decade Edge Hill University has been providing postgraduate medical education and training for qualified doctors working in the NHS. I am absolutely delighted that this work has been recognised by the Department of Health, who have now decided to allocate undergraduate medical numbers to the University for the first time.“
Dr John Cater, Vice-Chancellor at Edge Hill University

Edge Hill University first trained nurses over 50 years ago, and was one of the first to offer large-scale nursing at undergraduate degree level leading to professional registration. The Faculty’s suite of professional programmes includes all disciplines of nursing, midwifery, paramedic practice, operating department practice and social work at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.