Trelleborg's new multi-million pound testing facility in Skelmersdale • let's talk Skelmersdale
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Trelleborg’s new multi-million pound testing facility in Skelmersdale

Trelleborg’s new multi-million pound testing facility in Skelmersdale

Offshore engineering specialist Trelleborg has broken ground on a new multi-million-pound testing facility which it will use to simulate extreme deep water conditions.

The new 2,066 sq ft facility will sit next to the company’s Skelmersdale manufacturing site and will contain two hyperbaric test chambers.

Trelleborg will use the new testing facilities to recreate the extreme pressure found when working in deep water, enabling accurate testing of sub-sea and drilling equipment.

The method is currently the only way to effectively simulate deep water conditions and to confirm the reliability of product in deep sub-sea environments.

“Building this impressive new multi-million-pound testing facility ensures that we are able to provide our customers with the most reliable hyperbaric testing scenarios, guaranteeing peace of mind while ensuring quality, performance and efficiency in the product manufactured and delivered to them.”
John Drury, Managing Director from Trelleborg