July 2018 Ambassadors Event • let's talk Skelmersdale
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July 2018 Ambassadors Event

The Sixth Skelmersdale Ambassadors Breakfast Event

  • Mark Whitworth, Chief Executive Officer of Peel Ports Group provided an update and overview of Peel Ports and Liverpool2 and what this means for businesses in Skelmersdale.
  • Amanda Byrne, Brownlow Utilities, Paul Symes, Inspira & Neil Dunbar, Our Ladys Queen of Peace Catholic Engineering College¬† (OLQP) provided an update on the Lancashire Enterpise Adviser Network and Brownlow Utilities’ role as an Enterprise Adviser for OLQP.
  • Steve Jones & Ian Gill,¬†Members of the Skelmersdale Ambassadors’ Steering Group discussed the vision for the Ambassadors Network and its funding going forward.


Over a year has passed since the first Ambassadors event and there are many keen Ambassadors for the area who continuously attend, as well as enthusiastic new faces at each event. If you’re also proud of what Skelmersdale brings to your business sign up to join us here.

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