October 2017 Ambassadors Event • let's talk Skelmersdale
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October 2017 Ambassadors Event

The Fourth Skelmersdale Ambassadors Breakfast Event

  • Harry Hill, Chief Executive of Graylaw Freight Group discussed their long term overnight success story, their expansion plans and love for Skelmersdale.
  • Maureen Fazal & Paula Gamester, The Sewing Rooms shared their deep passion for Social Enterprise, discussed their fulfilling work at the Sewing Room and shared exciting news about the new Social Innovators Start Up Programme.
  • Steve Jones,┬áChair of the Skelmersdale Place Board launched this, the new letstalkSkelmersdale website and discussed the vision for the Ambassador Network and it’s funding going forward. He ended with news of the next Ambassador Social event taking place in December.

A year has passed since the first Ambassador event and there are many keen Ambassadors for the area who continuously attend, as well as enthusiastic new faces at each event. If you’re also proud of what Skelmersdale brings to your business sign up to join us.

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