Employment & Skills • let's talk Skelmersdale
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Employment & Skills

Key Employment Sectors

  • Public Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale & Retail
  • Accommodation & Food Services
  • Transport & Storage
  • Professional, Scientific & Technical
  • Business, Administration & Support

Forecast Total Employment Change: 2013-32

Employment in West Lancashire is set to grow at more than double the average rate predicted for the Local Enterprise Partnership area.

By 2022 employment is set to have grown by 6.9%, compared to an average of 3.3% for districts in the Lancashire LEP area.

Furthermore, this rate is predicted to continue with employment increasing by 11.3% by 2032. This is the highest rate of growth across the comparator areas.


West Lancashire




North West



Source: Source: Oxford Economics LA Forecast

Benefits of recruiting an apprentice

  • 84% of employers say they are satisfied with apprenticeships
  • Almost 9 out of 10 employers that take on an apprentice report benefits to their business
  • 70% reported that apprenticeships improved the productivity or the quality of their product or service

statistics taken from gov.uk

“We know apprenticeships work – 90% of apprentices go on to secure a job and nobody understands the skills employers need better than employers themselves.”
Robert Halfon, Skills Minister, January 2017

Steps to Recruiting an Apprentice

What do you want your apprentice to do?

Create a job description and person specification.

What sort of apprentice do you want?

Choose an apprenticeships framework or standard for an apprenticeship in your industry and at a suitable level.

Who will deliver the training?

Find a training provider to deliver the apprenticeship training.

Are you eligible for a grant?

Check with West Lancashire Borough Council’s Economic Regeneration Team today on 01695 712692.

How will you recruit?

Advertise your apprenticeship – your training organisation will do this for you through the find an apprenticeship service.

Select and employ your apprentice.

Select your apprentice and make an apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement with them.

Let’s talk Employment & Skills Charter

The Lets talk Employment & Skills Charter is a mutual agreement between your business and West Lancashire Borough Council to help support local employment and skills initiatives, as well as providing many benefits to your business.

Many employers are signed up as a Charter member including a number from Skelmersdale such as:

The Lancashire Enterprise Adviser Network

Enterprise Adviser’s are local business leader’s who volunteer to work with the senior leadership team of the school. They help to develop the school’s approach to careers and to develop an employer engagement strategy and plan.

They also encourage employees and other business contacts to work with Schools on relevant activities.

By becoming an Enterprise Adviser you will be part of a national network of schools and business.


The purpose of the Adviser Network is to increase the number of employer encounters that young people receive.

  • Research indicates that 4 good quality encounters with employers reduces the number of young people who is “Not in Education, Employment, or Training” (NEET) by up to 86%.
  • Engagement with workplaces also increases earning potential and improves attainment.
  • Excellent engagement has already been reported from the schools, colleges and local businesses already participating, resulting in a positive change in young people’s insight into the world of work.
Want to find out more about becoming an Enterprise Adviser?

By contacting us about the Lancashire Enterprise Adviser Network you agreeing to us processing your data to so that we can communicate with you regarding this.