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There are numerous benefits of living and working within the Borough.


Set in the heart of West Lancashire, located adjacent to M58 it’s ideally placed for all the major motorway networks, including the M6, M57 and M62.


Skelmersdale is a great place to do business. Thriving commercial centres are nestled amongst beautiful countryside with fantastic transport links to the rest of the North West region.


Our neighbours are Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Lancashire. Skelmersdale is between 30 and 60 minutes drive time of the cities of Liverpool, Manchester and Preston and their respective airports and ports.


All of this make West Lancashire an attractive place for new businesses and inward investment.



Source: 2011 Census


Liverpool & it's Superport are less than 20 miles away, off the M58, to the West of Skelmersdale.


Preston is just over 20 miles North of Skelmersdale, well connected by the M6 motorway


Manchester and it's airport are around 30 miles to the East.


Not only does Skelmersdale have the right physical connections its relationships also determine the success of the local economy.

The Skelmersdale Ambassadors unite businesses, organisation and individuals to connect and together promote Skelmersdale regionally, nationally and internationally, to raise the profile of the area.

Skelmersdale and surrounding West Lancashire boasts an experienced and committed workforce with a broad range of skills, reflecting the diverse nature of the local economy.

Lower-than-average living costs in the Borough result in value-for-money labour costs, and the area also has an excellent industrial relations working record.

  • Businesses

    Skelmersdale is home to 1,105 businesses

  • Employment

    Skelmersdale supports 19,100 jobs

  • Manufacturing

    23% of employee jobs in Skelmersdale are in the Manufacturing sector

  • Jobs

    Increase of 2,200 jobs over the last 10 years (+13%)

Forecast GVA Growth: 2013-32

West Lancashire0%
North West0%
South Ribble0%

Source: Oxford Economics LA Forecast. 2013=100

Gross Value Added is the most useful measure of the overall value of the local economy.

West Lancashire’s GVA is expected to increase, at an average of £52 million per year. This growth will add around £520 million to the West Lancashire economy by 2022 exceeding the North West’s average.