Business • let's talk Skelmersdale
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Skelmersdale and surrounding West Lancashire boasts an experienced and committed workforce with a broad range of skills, reflecting the diverse nature of the local economy.

Lower-than-average living costs in the Borough result in value-for-money labour costs, and the area also has an excellent industrial relations working record.

  • Businesses

    Skelmersdale is home to 1,105 businesses

  • Manufacturing

    23% of employee jobs in Skelmersdale are in the Manufacturing sector

  • Employment

    Skelmersdale supports 19,100 jobs

  • Jobs

    Increase of 2,200 jobs over the last 10 years (+13%)

Forecast GVA Growth: 2013-32

West Lancashire0%
North West0%
South Ribble0%

Source: Oxford Economics LA Forecast. 2013=100

Gross Value Added is the most useful measure of the overall value of the local economy.

West Lancashire’s GVA is expected to increase, at an average of £52 million per year. This growth will add around £520 million to the West Lancashire economy by 2022 exceeding the North West’s average.